Rattan Sofas

Rattan Sofas

'Rattan' is the name for the stems of a palm. When woven together, they can be used to create solid and attractive furniture.

Rattan sofas come in natural brown tones. However, there are different shades available, ranging from lighter colours to dark, chocolate browns, allowing the most suitable option for the room to be chosen. Vidara rattan furniture comes in various colours including Cognac and Almond.

The rattan base of the sofa is complemented by the soft cushions, many of which are available in different fabrics. These are perfect to relax on after a long day.

Vidara's multiple rattan ranges provide lots of options - corner Rattan sofas, footstools, tables and more. A range of styles are available, from classic to contemporary and chunky to compact, so it's easy to choose the perfect style.

Vidara are a leading rattan furniture distributor and stock brands including Skyline Design, Kingsway Cane, Java and Mizura Designs.