Nomad Outdoor Lighting

Nomad Outdoor Lighting

Simple as a bulb, essential as the light, Innovative, simple, smart and eco-friendly products are Nomad Lighting.

The Concept:  an intelligent bulb recreating 160,000 colours thanks to LED and a low power consumption battery.

Subjected to the highest of standards (UE, IP68, RHOS, NOM)  This bulb is almost unbreakable and absolutely water and weather proof.

They are manufactured to last more than 50,000 hours of light. Will use seven times less energy than a standard bulb.Designed to be fun, stylish and easy to use, this is why Nomad Lighting all have the same configuration: a bulb + a charging station + the style of your choice.

Nomad Lighting can be used anywhere, terrace, balcony, poolside or even floating in the water. They really can be placed anywhere, sophisticate your garden and light up the mood.Fantastic for commercial use, create an ever changing colour scheme, customize a space in moments, cool and contemporary Blue, fresh Lime Green or warm the mood with a deep Red glow.