Cane Furniture

This natural timber is a light yet surprisingly strong building material and over the years has been increasingly used in furniture carpentry and the woodworking trade. Many of these cane furniture sofas are designed for use in a conservatory or sun room, and usually take the form of sets of sofas with associated chairs, tables, footstools and so on.

The possibilities are wider than that though and Vidara also stock cane dining sets and small tables, utilising the versatility of the materials. Vidara can offer a wide range of cane furniture in a variety of styles to suit any living requirements.

The products themselves come in a number of colours and each sofa and chair is topped with comfortable, soft cushions for maximum support and relaxation. Cushions are available in a selection of different fabrics to suit anyone's tastes.

Vidara is a world renowned distributor of rattan and wicker wood product from brands including Skyline Design, Kingsway Cane, Java and Mizura Designs.

To find out more about our furniture, including rattan wood furniture for the living room, give us a call on 07989 327 491.